Here's the Teaser for "Disappear Here"

By Max Kessler

It's been a while since we've heard from LGBT filmmaker James Duke Mason, but his noir thriller Disappear Here officially has a teaser. In case your memory's in need of jogging, the film is directed by Matthew Mishory, produced by Mason's father Morgan Mason (producer of Sex, Lies & Videotape who got back into the business to produce it) and centers around a young actor (played by Mason) who becomes embroiled in a blackmail conspiracy to derail a senator's presidential campaign. The full feature will be shot later this year. Mason told us back in the day that the movie is "going to serve as a catalyst for making a difference for the openly gay actors in Hollywood and trying to shed some light on those issues...that have never been exposed in this way before." It certainly looks like it'll shed light on that and more. Check out the sex, politics and brooding in dark corners above.

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