Here's Michael Douglas as Liberace...

Jonah Wolf + Elizabeth Thompson
1. Here's a first look at Michael Douglas as Liberace in Steven Soderberg's upcoming HBO biopic on the glass-closeted singer. [Queerty]

2. Read Lena Dunham's $3.7 million book proposal. [Gawker]

2. When Cooper Union students barricaded themselves inside a school building--protesting the possible end to the school's 110 years of free tuition -- their classmates rigged up a system of pulleys, balloons, and string to deliver them pizza (donated by the Cooper alums of the Bruce High Quality Foundation). [Huffington Post]

3. RSVP here for a free Real Estate show tonight at 6 at Crest Hardware, 558 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn. [Photo by parttimemusic on Flickr]

4. Bar 82 (136 Second Avenue) hosts a record swap on Sunday at 3 p.m. with all proceeds going to Sandy-damaged New Jersey radio station WFMU. [Facebook, photo by Benjamen Walker on Flickr]

5. PSY performed a song with violent anti-American lyrics at a 2004 protest following the invasion of Iraq. [Haps]

6. Breaking Bad cupcakes, anyone?. Mmm, meth. [PopCultureBrain]
 7. Here's this year's White House Christmas card. Bo! [HuffingtonPost]

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