Here's a Clip of Kanye Rapping and Wearing a Muscle Tee Back In 1998

by Abby Schreiber

Before Kanye was perma-clad in Givenchy leather sweat pants and renting out baseball diamonds to propose to reality stars, he was just some 21-year-old wearing a Champion-brand muscle tee and a backwards cap like the rest of us. In this new trailer for "Caviar Dreams," the forthcoming mixtape by Atlanta-via-Chicago rapper -- and frequent 2 Chainz collaborator -- Cap 1, we see a baby-faced 'Ye rapping in front of an intense gold lamé curtain back in 1998. Though we'd challenge anyone to watch this clip and tell us that it foreshadowed Kanye's rap domination, his '90s-era rhymes aren't so bad. You can catch him around the 0:34 mark.

[via Complex]

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