Henry Holland and Brown's Get Tricky for Halloween

Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin
Henry Holland hosted the high holy day of Halloween for Brown's department store Saturday and the London fashion set turned up to celebrate with plenty of blood and bruises. 

Shepherd's Bush Pavillion, an unused 1920s theater space in London's East End, seemed like an unlikely setting for the party, but the sufficiently creaky space was the perfect backdrop for a night of debauchery. Guests entered through a defunct escalator, and there were projections of ghoulish images and jack-o-lanterns as far as the eye could see (someone said there were 1,000 of them). And there was blood.  Lots and lots of blood. Londoners don't like cutsie Halloween get ups, and most costumes featured copious amounts of the good old red stuff, gore, bruises, and ghostly pale skin.

There were little scenes set up all over the venue by designers and the LP. BG booth was a fiasco -- fashion people go crazy for a good set, and it was hard to miss the impromptu bondage shoot that erupted in the bloodbath. 

Photos by Cynthia Zichy Thyssen

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