Photographer and longtime PAPER friend (and recent New York Times profile subject) Henny Garfunkel just returned from the Sundance Film Festival, where she's been documenting the most interesting faces in film for the last nineteen years. Thankfully, this trip was no different and Garfunkel managed to get portraits of everyone from James Franco and Matthew McConaughey to Kate Bosworth, Anita Hill and more.

Below, a note from Henny about this year's festival:

"I had the world's smallest studio -- it was like 9 ft. x 9 ft. -- so it felt like I was taking DMV photos. [That said], I was very grateful that Outdoor Retailer Innovation Gallery gave me a space. This year was a big festival, I think. More films got sold this year than any other year, I think, in history. There's going to be a lot of break-out stars but the general public won't know about them until their films come out. From what I'm told, that Miles Teller -- who won Best Actor -- will be big. And Lake Bell, who won a screenwriting award. There's also a young boy named Tye Sheridan who's in a film with Matthew McConaughey called Mud -- I heard stuff about him. Also that actress Danai Gurira in Andrew Dosunmu's film, Mother of George is one to watch. I heard good things about her."

Special thanks to Outdoor Retailer Innovation Gallery and to Todd Tanner for his wonderful props.