Help Prince Rama Make a "Now-Age Psych Opera"

Funky avant-garde sister-sister duo Taraka and Nimai Larson, also known as Prince Rama, are very much expecting the apocalypse to come at the end of this year. And they want to go out with a bang. In anticipation for the release of their sixth album on November 6, Top Ten Hits of the End of the World, the band is hoping to make an accompanying 25-minute musical film, or as they call it "the first ever now-age psych opera," called Prince Rama and the Scorpion Tornado.

The eccentric duo, who are more like performance artists than a band, were discovered by Animal Collective's Avey Tare in a dive bar in Texas and are now signed to his Paw Tracks label. For the proposed film, they plan to work with the filmmakers behind Astral Projects. Prince Rama promises the film to have Bollywood-style numbers, elaborate costumes and some pretty intricate sets. It is for this reason that they have created a Kickstarter page in hopes to raise $15,000 to fund their film. They have offered some pretty... interesting prizes to the top donors including a black light dinner party, personalized love songs and on-screen credits.

 Watch the Kickstarter video below for some more trippy details about the film:

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