If you happened to find yourself on Daimyo Chuoku Street in Fukuoka in South Japan on March 1st, 2004, you might have wondered why there was a huge line of hipsters standing around in the rain. The occasion was the opening of FuturaLaboratories, the first "laboratory" shop created by New York artist Futura.

This shop specializes in the processing of street gear and lifestyle artifacts, with its stock of clothing, jewelery, toys and super-duper limited edition items like Nike's FORLOM sneakers (only 25 pairs were made!).

Admired by generations of urban heads for a few decades now, the daddy of graphic style is all grown up. Futura has kept his cool and his practices long enough to create a massive artistic database. The keys to his game? Stimulating himself and his army of followers, having fun, creating fresh new concepts, pushing cultural boundaries and making money. For extra virtual playground activities check out futura2000.com, futuralaboratories.com, splay.com, and 5th-dimension.info.

FuturaLaboratories, 1-2-52 Daimyo Chouku, Fukuoka, Japan 810-0041, 092-715-4505

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