Heisenberg + Pinkman Are Back in Action In This Emmy Teaser

by Lainey Sidell

Breaking Bad fans, rejoice: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul join forces once again as seedy father/son salesmen in this fantastic Emmy promo/"Pawn Stars" ripoff. Cranston and Paul play "Barely Legal Pawn" shop associates and receive a visit from a strapped-for-cash Julia Louis-Dreyfus (playing herself), who is fresh from making an absurd drunk purchase and in the market to sell her Emmy. Cranston provides some seriously sleazy vibes in snakeskin boots, gold chains and serial killer-esque aviators while Paul keeps it hobo-chic in partially-secured overalls with a mouthful of chewing tobacco and a water bottle full of dip spit. We even spotted The Pink Bear from Breaking Bad season 2! See if you can find any more Easter eggs from the BB set in the video above.

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