Harvey Weinstein's "Fashionation"

Since he got involved with his girlfriend Georgina Chapman's fashion line Marchesa, Harvey Weinstein has become enamored with the fashion biz. This week's big news was that Weinstein has purchased and will relaunch the house of Halston.

Halston has such an incredible American design heritage and everyone who has touched the house has made a mess of it since its namesake died in 1990. Everyone's waiting to see what Weinstein will do with the company (he's already brought in stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe according to Womens Wear Daily yesterday), but the name being bantered about this week as a potential new creative director is Narciso Rodriguez. Narciso is a NO BRAINER for this legendary label. He is the perfect choice and would bring Halston into the 21st Century. His clean, modern and totally glamourous American aesthetic is exactly what Halston would have loved.

I met Halston on numerous occasions in the late '70s and worked across the street from his shop on Madison Avenue. He was incredible and was a true modernist voice of American fashion in the midst of the disco inferno of the '70s. His collaboration with Elsa Peretti was legendary (she made all his accessories and designed all his fragrance bottles and beauty products which I collected avidly and still sit in a big box in my bathroom).

Anyway, I love Narciso and think this would be a bullseye for American fashion if he took over the Halston label. He could kind of be to Halston an American version what Ghesiquiere is to Balenciaga in France... true to the label and its country of origin. I'll cross my fingers....

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