Harrowing Red, White & Blue Opens Friday!

Opening this Friday and now available on your cable video on demand is the harrowing: Red White & Blue. The new film by Simon Rumley (who made the impressively bizarre The Living And The Dead) is a disturbingly chilling tale of damaged souls in Austin,Texas on a collision course with unimaginable violence. Erica (Amanda Fuller) is an angry, troubled, girl, spending her nights screwing a succession of strangers she picks up in bars. She is thrown off her game by the small acts of kindness of a scruffy stranger, Nate (Noah Taylor), living at the local co-op with her. Franki (Marc Senter) is a garage band rocker living and caring for his cancer-stricken mother. But an old involvement with Erica starts an unfortunate and tragic series of events into motion and sends Nate on a massacre of bloody revenge. There is a slow-burner quality to the film that builds with fiendish intensity. Marc Senter (who burned a hole in the screen in The Lost) is absolutely brilliant. And Taylor creates his own creepy brand of deranged vigilante. it;s a beatifically bleak, uniquely unhinged film, which frighteningly feels as American as bloody apple pie.

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