Happy Birthday, Doris Day!

Mr. Mickey
Today is the birthday of a woman who gets my vote for being the biggest fashion inspiration in the history of film. She may not be a sex-vixen femme fetale, but Doris Day has given me more fashion thrills over the past four decades than all the chic, glamour-puss-clothes-horses of Hollywood. In a weird way she was the Carrie Bradshaw of her time -- the fun girl next door every woman wanted to be and who was comfortable enough in her own skin to wear the craziest and sometimes cockamamy fashion concoctions. Doris was old-school. She was always in fully coordinated accessories. Shoes to match the bag to match the hat to match the gloves. She was wild, but still a classic American girl. You felt that if Doris did it, it must be right. Happy 88th, DD!

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