Hannah Bronfman's Fashion Week Diary: Thom Browne, Michael Bastian & Betsey Johnson

Hannah Bronfman
Since last we checked in with Hannah Bronfman, the young gal about town has gone on to launch a super-cute eco-friendly clothing line Green Owl, was the subject of a glowing WWD profile, and is maybe collaborating with Cypress Hill on a marijuana dispensary. Our kinda gal! This Fashion Week, she kindly allowed us to tag along with her... Here's her first installment.

After an exhilarating True Blood finale I was ready to wake up Monday morning and hit the bag -- yep, the punching bag.  I got my boxing routine in that morning which I had neglected for two weeks.  Feeling ready to take on the day, I headed to the New York Public Library (which I must say, is one of my favorite buildings in New York) for the Thom Browne "performance" presentation. The clothing was quite expressive, which made for a beautiful contrast to the stuffy  plot/set.  Most of the coats were worn over the shoulders, leaving minimal arm access.  The bathing caps, owl-eyed sunnies and ankle-length purses made perfect accessories.

I then headed to Michael Bastian, where I quickly sat down, because the show was about start!  Boy oh boy!  The clothes were so cute and the boys were even cuter! 42 boys in 42 different chic looks paired with Del Toro shoes.  I'm excited to get my man into some of these mid-thigh shorts!

Later at the Betsey Johnson show, Nicki Minaj sat a few seats down from me, I was just glad I wasn't sitting behind her massive hair-do. It was my first time at a Betsey show and I really enjoyed it!  The clothes were sexy and the girls were curvy.  I thought to myself, 'there is a lot of tits and ass in this show," and then "Ass and Titties" was the song to close the show!

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