Handbraekes (Mr. Oizo + Boys Noize) Are Sending a Tiny, Shirtless Army For You

by Gary Pini

It's not even noon here in NYC and we're about to try a little "420" experiment using the video for "Bravo" from EP #2 by Handbraekes (that name might mean more to you after we mention that it's a collab between Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo). First we'll watch the clip -- directed by Barzolff814 and Wang Jay Moon -- in our normal a.m. state of mind, and then we'll go for a walk around the block for some medical assistance. BEFORE: Super minimal and repetitive, with tiny dudes walking around a table top. AFTER: The little people have huge noses that look like bananas! And just when you think they're going to get together and pull the giant "hand brake," they turn and walk away. They are obviously unable to face the consequences of their actions and can only evolve through mechanical routine. Hey, this is fun -- let's watch it again with headphones.

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