Guy-ccessory: Social Primer Bow Ties for Brooks Brothers

Luigi Tadini
Most of my good friends remember their trip to the Brooks Brothers Madison Avenue flagship for their first navy blazer, a generational right-of-passage as pertinent to many American's genetic code as pie. The two-hundred-year-old landmark brand's latest addition to their prep-infused roster is a bow tie collaboration with etiquette expert and blogger extraordinaire K. Cooper Ray. The dapper and well-coiffed brain behind -- a website devoted to teaching the modern gent the importance of chivalry and table manners --  Ray brings his passion for all-American-wear and infused the staple accessory with a playful and irreverent flair. The 16 styles, perfect for this summer's boozy garden parties, are all produced out of pure silk and cotton fabrics. They come in a variety of patterns and vibrant colors are mixed to create a whimsical reversible tie. Just launched on and available at select Brooks Brothers stores nationwide, these times add the perfect charismatic touch to your seasonal wardrobe.


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