Two great grindhouse classics are out this week on a Roger Corman-produced double bill DVD: Caged Heat and Jackson County Jail. Caged Heat (1974) is director Jonathan Demme's (Silence Of The Lambs) first film and it's a fun "chicks in the slammer" feature with Italian horror queen Barbara Steele as the sadistic superintendent. It also stars the luscious Erica Gavin (Russ Meyer's Vixen) and a bevy of great gals. Jackson County Jail (1976) is an excellent action tale starring Yvette Mimieux as a woman traveling across country by car who stupidly picks up some hitchhikers and then is robbed, stranded, arrested for vagrancy and viciously attacked in her cell by a thug guard. The prisoner in the next cell is a young, incredibly handsome, Tommy Lee Jones. After the guard is accidentally killed they both escape and become wanted fugitives from the law in this tense thriller. Both films include audio commentary and trailers.