Grey Area Showcases the "Best of Art Meets Object"

We are officially obsessed with Grey Area, Kyle De Woody and Manish Vora's new online portal for the "best of art meets object." The site features a whole slew of artist-designed objects, clothes, jewelry and nickel-plated plastic cucumbers -- both commissioned by the site, and sold in partnership with organizations like Creative Time and Art Production Fund. And the roster of artists is quite impressive -- from Megan Whitmarsh to Zaha Hadid to Bruce High Quality Foundation to Julian Schnabel. Tonight they're throwing a party to celebrate the opening of their showroom. So before everyone snags up all the goodies, take a peek at some of the finest finds we sniffed out on the site.

"Sharpies," by Megan Whitmarsh, $800.

"Shrimp Pin," by Anne Koch, $65.

"Flat Golden Ruler," by Assat Efesh, $980.

"Five Star" (sheetrock) by Bruce High Quality Foundation, $500.

"Best Friends Board," by Carlton De Woody, $1,200.

"We Heart," (cotton embroidery thread on wire hanger) by Elissa Goldstone, $350.

"Untitled (Cucumber)," by Justin Beal, $800.

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