Great Supernatural Chiller Burn Witch Burn On DVD

Now on 20th Century Fox's movie-on-demand line is the exceptional 1962 supernatural chiller Burn Witch Burn (MGM). Based on Fritz Lieber's Conjure Wife with a superb screenplay by Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont, a university professor (Peter Wyngarde) who debunks the occult discovers that his wife (Janet Blair) has been secretly practicing witchcraft to keep her husband safe from evil forces around him. He demands that she burn all her talismans and disaster follows. This black-and-white horror classic builds to a memorably spooky finale with the husband is chased across the campus by a stone eagle which springs frighteningly to life. And the beginning of the film opens in total darkness with a to-die-for voice imitating Orson Welles, conjuring a safety spell to protect the audience. And yes, someone actually says: "Burn, witch, burn!"

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