Gossip Takes Over the W Hotel San Diego

Camille Rousseau

This weekend, as Los Angeles hid from the pelting rain, we drove to San Diego for the final leg of the W WonderLust Live concert series, hosted by Bryan Michael Cox and featuring the ferociously cool Gossip. Upon arriving, we settled in at the open bar by the makeshift stage  in the ultra-swanky W hotel's living room. After a few fidgety moments, PAPER favorite Beth Ditto roared onstage like a scalded pixie, all orange bowl cut, skintight dress and some serious pipes. Ditto is not only a divine performer, but her sweet-as-pie Southern accent coats her trucker-mouthed crowd banter with such hospitality that even the few conservative-looking hotel guests who had wandered in by mistake seemed charmed. After the show, we wandered around the plush digs as legendary rock 'n' roll photographer Mick Rock snapped photos of the crowd and Posso the DJ stylishly spun tunes for the dwindling partiers. We returned to find L.A. still under siege by raindrops. No news yet on whether the city will recover. Over and out.

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