Go See Piranha 3D -- It's A Bloody Blast!

Why wasn't Piranha 3D a giant hit over last weekend? I saw it yesterday and it's a bloody blast! Directed by Alexandre Aja (who made the harrowing Haute Tension) it's about an earthquake that releases schools of razor-teethed prehistoric fishes just in time for Spring Break week. Jake (Steven R. McQueen) plays the sweet-faced son of the sheriff (Elisabeth Shue) who is hired by the vulgar Girls Gone Wild-type producer (Jerry O'Connell) to be location manager for his bodacious new video shoot. But the movie exists for the major attacks by the 3D fish and some over-the-top grisly special effects. Richard Dreyfuss shows up in a funny nod to Jaws, and Eli Roth meets a gruesome end after hosting a wet tee-shirt contest. But rush out to see it! Especially with a group of friends. It's the only movie this summer that delivered exactly what I wanted it to. And then some.

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