Gleefully Gruesome Hatchet 2 Opens Friday

Opening Friday is Hatchet 2, director Adam Green's gleefully gruesome sequel to his 2006 homage to slasher films. Like its predecessor, Hatchet 2 centers on Victor Crowley, a marauding disfigured ghost roaming the Louisiana swamps with a trusty two-bladed hatchet. Danielle Harris (Halloween 4) also returns as the only survivor of the first film --"you got out of there alive, and with all your pieces" as someone succinctly points out to her-- but she heads back into Honey Island Swamp with Rev. Zombie (Candyman's Tony Todd) and a boatload of gun enthusiasts to finish off the boogieman. Director Green, who also made the suspenseful Frozen (there's a quick but funny nod to it in this film), keeps the action buoyant and bloody. He understands that audiences will be cheering for excess and chainsaws it up with gusto. Disturbing, sure, but at least it's done with a respectful love of the genre. The disfigured Crowley is well-played by seasoned stuntman Kane Hodder, who has played Jason in several Friday the 13th films. The some pretty outlandish deaths, and the cast is agreeable -- particularly jive-talking Vernon, (Colton Dunn) who is quite funny. And how can you hate a movie with dialogue like: "Come on you hatchet fuckface!"

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