Welcome to GIFs of the week. Please watch all GIFs in their entirety. [TheFrogman]

First, something totally unimportant: Kitten vs. Potato. [PleatedJeans]

OK. What happened this week. Well, 30 Rock ended. [JennaMaroney]

Lebron James freaked out at the White House. [@MichaelHayes]

This little dude got down at a Pacers game. [Buzzfeed]

Alicia Keys was named Creative Director of Blackberry for some strange reason. Guh this week was kind of stupid, right? [BobbyFinger]

Ahh, real news. Gabby Giffords addressed Congress for the first time in two years. I like this hug. [@MichaelHayes]

Patrick Stewart. GIF Human.[regalkinghiddles]

Side Note: I should be killed for promoting this GIF. [RealityTVGIFS]

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