Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIFsets by Mike Hayes of Buzzfeed and Gifhound.

Welcome to GIFs of the week. Tonight's theme... [Mostly British Comedy]

Saddened by today's news that Hostess is going out of business. RIP, Twinkies. [topherchris]

But that's OK, because...it's almost Thanksgiving! Here's a GIF of a dude holding the best Turducken in the world. [BuzzFeed]

Here's one of the thin white duke. [shakespeare & shoes]

Being short sucks. [katzen-content]

This dude kicks ass. [Reddit]


Cats doing Gangnam Style. 'Bout time. [KITTEH KATS]

'80s Wheel. Never forget. [raffaroffa]

Azealia pissed off the seapunks with this one. [BuzzFeed]

Oh hey! The real GIF news of the week is "GIF" was named Word of the Year on Monday! This was the most popular GIF on the internet on the day of the announcement. [GIF HOUND]

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