Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a curated list of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIF sets by Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed and GIFHound.

A mixed bag this week. Let's get to it!

It's been entirely too long since we had a good melty cheese GIF. [thedorseyshawexperience]

This lady didn't know who Jay-Z was, and that was adorable. [GIF HOUND]

If there was any doubt left that you should just stay out of Lebron James way, this GIF takes care of that.

Alan Simpson doing Gangnam style with a giant can. Yep. [BuzzFeed]

RIP Dave Brubeck. The jazz titan passed away this week at the age of 91. [GLITGLIT]

This is actually the only GIF of nutty John McAfee I've seen on the internet this week. [Qil.Me]

Unless you count this GIF of McAfee being deported by catapult. [Next Media Animation]

NASA released some images of city lights seen from space. NASA is awesome. Space is awesome. [Infinity-Imagined]

Currently trying to track down the person behind Roberta's Tumblr.

And finally, Grumpy Cat.

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