Giant Mutant Bugs Galore in Guillermo Del Toro's Director's Cut Of Mimic

Out on Blu-ray is Guillermo Del Toro's director's cut of his 1997 horror film Mimic (Lionsgate/Miramax). Over seven minutes have been restored to this film about giant mutant bugs breeding in the NYC subway tunnels. Mira Sorvino stars as Dr. Susan Taylor who genetically bred a form of insect that destroyed cockroaches that were spreading a contagious deadly disease killing children. Supposedly these bugs were supposed to die off after so many days, but three years later a mutant strain is breeding and stalking the tunnels, even mimicking humans in appearance. The film also features Jeremy Notham as Taylor's Center for Disease Control boyfriend, Josh Brolin and a funny Charles S. Dutton as cops, and Giancarlo Giannini as a shoeshine man living with an autistic boy who can mimic the sound the creature's emit with spoons. Gorgeous art direction and spookily created monsters help sustain a nice mood of eerie suspense. This holds up exceptionally well,and the Blu-ray restoring footage is an added treat for fans. With deleted scenes, featurettes on the creatures and audio commentary.

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