Getting Zen At Home With Chuck Grant

by PAPER / photo by Will Anderson

There's a lot to be said about how a person puts together their everyday looks. We teamed up with Gap for and asked some of our favorite super-cool kids around town -- including Cobra Starship front man Gabe Saporta, actress and musician Tennessee Thomas and photographer Chuck Grant -- to show us their most wearable get-ups.

Up first: Chuck! If she's not snapping portraits of rock stars and celebrities (including her sister, Lana Del Rey), the L.A.-based artist is perfecting her inverted locust pose in the yoga studio. And when she's at home, you'll find the Cali zen girl straight-chilling, aligning those chakras in her Gap Always Skinny jeans. We sun salute you and your awesomeness, Ms. Grant!

Head to Gap for more looks from Chuck and stay tuned for styles by Tennessee and Gabe.

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