Our second annual Super(Duper)Market extravaganza kicked off this morning and will be open for business tomorrow and Sunday. Along with some of last year's all-stars like Humphrey Slocombe and Modern Appeal Clothing, we've added a slew of other purveyors from cities all across the country, from Portland to Detroit, San Francisco to New York to Springfield, Missouri. Before you head over there this weekend, meet all of our fabulous vendors and read what some of them have to say about their favorite food, the culinary scene in their home city and what's their favorite item they make.

As always, a special thank you to our friends over at Target and American Express for making this all possible -- don't forget to scope out their cute little booths when you drop by!

The Super(Duper)Market is open Friday, 11am-4pm; Saturday, 11am-6pm; and Sunday, 11am-4pm at 268 Mulberry Street. The full list of vendors and all the info you need can be found here.