Get Excited: Soon You Can Own a Barbie Karl Lagerfeld Doll

by Justin Moran

Barbie, the world's most iconic doll, is teaming up with Karl Lagerfeld, one of the world's most iconic designers, to launch a limited edition "Barbie Lagerfeld" doll as part of Mattel's Barbie Collector series. In the past, Lagerfeld has dressed Barbie and Ken in signature black and white Chanel garb, but this doll will be a more androgynous take on Barbie, sporting Lagerfeld's own famous look, down to his fingerless gloves, grey, slicked back pony and dark sunglasses. Very progressive Mattel, we love this idea. Our only question: Will Barbie's tiny Diet Coke be sold separately? (Via WWD)

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