Get Excited: Courtney Love's Launching a YouTube Channel

by Elizabeth Thompson

Here's some news you can use on this otherwise boring-ass day: Courtney Love, whose been weaving herself a rich tapestry of an online persona since the mid '90s, is launching a YouTube channel. And it looks like it's going to be everything we want it to be. In this 60-second preview clip for what appears to be a reality web series her channel will host, in addition to Courtney-approved videos that cover the "many cool things happening in web culture right now," the reigning stateswoman of celebrity twitter feuds discusses her recently-won Twitter libel lawsuit, gets a dig in at Dave Grohl, utters the phrase "hashtag: big sweaty balls" and recites dialogue from Valley of the Dolls. And that's all in just 1 minute. Can't. Wait.

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