Gershwin Hotel Changes Hands With Warhol-Themed Holiday Bash

Gary Pini

Sad to hear that the Gershwin Hotel (7 East 27th Street) will soon be changing management companies.  On the other hand, we're happy to report that there's a "last big party bash" on Saturday night, December 15th, starting around 8 p.m. and the theme is "Christmas With Andy."  The party is in honor of the Met's "Regarding Warhol" exhibit and two books: Thank You Andy Warhol by Catherine Johnson and Andy Warhol's New York by Thomas Kiedrowski.  Look for a Billy Name photo exhibit curated by Dagon James, Warhol films, Campbell's Soup ornaments and music from DJ Tennessee ("disco-era Studio 54 music") and DJ De Flame. Plus "Andy Santa will be serving Christmas cocktails."  The best news?  Admission is free

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