Gang Gang Dance Is Back in the New York Groove

Hobey Echlin

Gang Gang Dance
mark their decade-plus as New York's most -- take your pick -- compelling/challenging/satisfying band with their new album Eye Contact, a Venn diagram where Björk, Butthole Surfers and Budos Band overlap into a sum much, much greater than its parts. Guitarist Josh Diamond talks below.

On the album title, Eye Contact:
We never name a record until it's finished. This one just sounded so... clear. Most of our music
you listen to with your eyes closed with headphones on; you can listen to this one with your eyes open.

On their label 4AD, the birthplace of Cocteau Twins, Pixies and Birthday Party:
Things are easier in terms of having support financially. And we just got a Lee Scratch Perry remix last week -- so having that in your inbox, that's fucking awesome.

On being in a New York band:
New York's gotta do something about the availability of art space. For our last show, we wound-up borrowing a friend's space. It's never been easy-- doing this shit, working in a bar, wondering,'What's next?' But now it's like, I'm 35, I got married; we have a new apartment in Chinatown. I feel like after ten years, our music is more important to us -- llike, this is what we do now. It's going to be another 10 years.

Eye Contact is out now on 4AD. 

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