Gabe Saporta Does Cool Chic Like No Other

by PAPER/ photo by Will Anderson
"I was a punk rock kid, " says Cobra Starship front man Gabe Saporta of his part sartorial choices. "I cared about clothes, but more in a 'F- you' way." With his pompadour, and love for leather jackets and fingerless gloves it's clear that Saporta has kept some of that edge as an adult.

See how Gabe styled the rest of his Gap looks here.

Saporta, who is currently working on new music -- that is, when the dogs he shares with his fashion designer wife Erin Fetherston aren't coming in and interrupting: "One comes in an howls while I'm trying to record demovocals," he says --  paired his Gap 1969 Skinny jeans with a black tank top for Paper and Gap's shoot.  

"I still like things that are a little bit more rock 'n' roll," says Saporta. "A little more sinful."

Once a punk, always a punk.

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