Contributing to the art scenery for over three decades, graffiti legend Futura helped spawn a visual legacy that brought an underworld culture to the front row of civilization. Formerly known as Futura 2000, he is one of New York's original graffiti writers who started tagging subway trains, buildings, bridges and other urban structures back in the late seventies. His search for an identity drove him to use unfriendly surroundings to manifest his existence. He spray-painted his tag on the subways for years, thus contributing to the creation of an exciting visual universe. Futura's work signalled the beginning of an emerging urban movement referred to as the "ghettover," which is the art of using the street as canvas.

Years later, the controversy caused by graffiti still lingers. But ground has been broken and the lifestyle is beginning to be accepted by mainstream culture. The influence of the graffiti aesthetic has seeped into culture through clothing companies, advertising agencies, sneakers and slang. Today's society is bathing in street culture. Futura is a child of and a creator of these cultural changes. If you're familiar with his work then you know that his eclectic path (from tagging trains and rapping with the Clash to exhibitions in sophisticated galleries around the globe and creating graphic design, toys,clothing, sneakers) has brought him notoriety, wealth and a cult following among culture vultures. Besides his undeniable talent, this artist still strives for extraordinary status and keeps his research going from the maze of his Brooklyn studios.

Come with us on a visit to Futura's studio, where we survey his vast collection of art, toys and collectibles, and check out the tools of his trade.

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