Fun Sci-fi Monster Movie The Incredible Melting Man On DVD

Out now on their DVD-on-demand series is the fun 1977 sci-fi monster movie The Incredible Melting Man (MGM), about an astronaut (Alex Rebar) who is the only surviving member of a space trip to Saturn. He is also weirdly melting away and only getting stronger and hungrier (for people) all the time. Flatly directed by William Sachs, this film is best known for the wonderful early special effects by Rick Baker who does a great job with the slime and putrefaction process (Baker would later win an Oscar.) There are also memorable moments like an overweight nurse hurling herself through a plate glass door to escape the monster as well as a fisherman's head bobbing and floating downstream. Director Jonathan Demme even shows up coming home with his girlfriend after a date at the movies to find the creature hungrily waiting for him inside the house. May I suggested plenty of cheese nachos while you watch this one...

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