From the Archives: Tilda Swinton

Whether you were wrangling the mishpucha, participating in an Easter Egg Hunt or just laying low this beautiful Spring weekend, going back to work kind of sucks.

To alleviate some of those back-to-work blues, today we're serving up a fashion icon who crosses all religious and seasonal boundaries: the incomparable Tilda Swinton. These photos were shot in March of 2004, while Tilda had shingles! You can read the accompanying article, in which she talks about being a bit of a reculse, here. In this photo set from the original story, the crisp, asymmetrical clothes take a back seat to Tilda's incredible skin and bone structure. Altogether a beautiful way to ease back into the daily grind after the weekend.

Tilda wears a top by Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Tilda wears a shirt and pants by Viktor & Rolf.

Tilda wears a vintage jacket by Adrian.

Tilda wears a sweater by Capucci.

Tilda wears a shirt by Viktor & Rolf.

Tilda wears a shirt by Viktor & Rolf.

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