FriendsWithYou's New Print + Kenan Thompson's New Show = Eight Items or Less

1. FriendsWithYou's "I am Malfi" poster is available today in a limited edition of 150. [Poster Child Prints]

2. Now that you've looked up who died on your birthday, you can look up which records came out on that day. (We got Manheim Steamroller.) [via @WFMU]

3. The MTA is bringing cell phone service to thirty more New York subway stations. [City Room, photo by Orin Zebest on Flickr]

4. Lorne Michaels and PAPERTV correspondent Kenan Thompson are developing a primetime comedy for NBC. [TV Guide]

5. "UK man gave cocaine to trick-or-treaters by mistake." [Reuters, photo by Michael Ocampo on Flickr]

6. Let there be rock! AC/DC is releasing their back catalogue on iTunes. [NME]

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