Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Worst Facepalm Moment: ex-London deputy mayor Richard Barnes accidentally uploading dick pics to his Facebook because he didn't understand his iOS photo sharing settings. Now he claims he got hacked. Either way: Horrifying. -- Max Kessler

Best Mashup No One Saw Coming: Fashion & stepping at Paris Fashion Week, thanks Rick Owens -- Maggie Dolan

</div> <br/><br/><b>Best Reason to Go to Toronto</b>: the <a href="">male model lineup</a> of Elite's Toronto branch -- <b>Max Kessler</b><br/><div><br/></div><div><br/><b><br/>Best Fake Meme Since <a href="">Bangstaches</a></b>: If <a href="">everyone was Ron Swanson</a>. --<b>MK</b><a href="" target="_blank"/></div><div><br/></div><div> <br/><b>Most Heartwarming Song</b>: Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and the cast of <i>Sesame Street </i><a href="">singing the <i>Sesame Street</i> theme song</a> using classroom instruments. Awwww. -- <b>MK</b> <br/></div><div><br/></div><br/></div><div><br/></div> </wbr>

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