Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Thing That Most Made Me Feel Like It's Time to Get My AARP Card and Start Dog-Earing Low-Sodium Recipes in Family Circle Magazine: Our Trip House photo gallery by Rebecca Smeyne. I was both horrified, confuse, delighted and felt crazy-old looking at those pics. -- Elizabeth Thompson

Best Way to Find New Reading Material: The Millions' annual feature A Year in Reading, where acclaimed authors and literary personalities name their favorite book of the year. They started rolling out the suggestions for 2012 this week. -- Max Kessler

Best Holiday Décor We Saw All Week: A businessman wearing kelly green corduroy pants with Santas printed all over them sitting across from us on the subway. -- Abby Schreiber

Best Reading All Week: Vanity Fair's Freaks and Geeks oral history, although it needed to be about ten times longer. -- Jonah Wolf

The NYC Art Show That Will Help You Forget You're Bummed About Not Being at Basel: IRL_URL exhibit at Williamsburg's Muchmore's -- AS

Biggest Surprise of the Week: The fact that we actually enjoyed the new video for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's Christmas song! -- ET

Best Concert All Week: Jef Lee Johnson and the Ohnos at Douglass Street Music Collective last night -- JW

The Person We Read About This Week Whom We Most Want to Meet: SunRay Kelley, a shoeless, "herbal palliative"-smoking architect who designs fantastical, unwieldy-looking houses in Washington state and was recently profiled in the Times. -- AS [Photo via the New York Times]

Best Thing to Come Out of Fifty Shades of Grey's Insane Popularity: All Random House employees received $5,000 holiday bonuses this year. -- ET

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