Freudian Slip: "Lucian Freud on Paper"

If you love oversized, arty coffee table books or are simply a fan of the figurative giant Lucien Freud, Rizzoli's "Lucian Freud on Paper" is a must-have. The book, in keeping with Rizzoli standards, is beautifully printed and bound. Between the covers is a chronicle of Freud's works on paper from childhood drawings to recent etchings with mother's scrapbook-like dedication spanning eight decades. It's really interesting to flip through the pages and discover how his style has evolved over the years while always turning up the hyper-human intensity he's so famous for. The master influencer, now 84-years-old, has inspired many art students to pick up figure painting when it was unpopular and Kate Moss to disrobe while pregnant. This book, even for its sheer volume and quality, is worth every penny at $85.

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