Fox Horror Classics (Vol. 2)!

Fox Horror Classics Collection, Vol. 2, another thrilling trilogy of treats from the vaults of FOX, is out on DVD. There's Dragonwyck (1946), a gothic chiller directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (All About Eve) about a woman (Gene Tierney) who movies into a creepy mansion and comes under the spell of the mysterious head of the house (played with fiendish gusto by Vincent Price). It's a good gothic romance/mystery, with some bizarre touches. Jessica Tandy even shows up as a crippled servant. Next up is Dr. Renault’s Secret (1942), starring George Zucco as a crazed scientist experimenting on apes, which features a touching performance by J. Carrol Naish as the simian-looking servant called “Noel." And finally there's Chandu, the Magician (1932), with Bela Lugosi as a maniac out to destroy the world with a death ray.

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