Forget The Sopranos; Will Dustin Diamond Get Whacked on Celebrity Fit Club?

I've been driving around L.A. all day running errands and all anyone can talk about on the radio (and off) is that confounding ending to The Sopranos! I'll admit I did watch it even thought I know very little about the show. We didn't get HBO until recently so during Sunday night's alloted half hour of channel-changing I decided to tune into this historic finale.

Even though I have a vague sense of what everyone was doing (how can you not after all the media exposure over the years) I had little investment in the characters. Truth be told, I HATE mafia stories. The Godfather (esp. Part II, of course) was engaging. I tolerated Goodfellas (mostly for those gorgeous "I Am Cuba" camera moves) but by Casino I had had enough goombas to last a lifetime.

Seems to me Tony was wacked. Or not.

But what I REALLY want to know is when is Harvey gonna whack that punk Dustin Diamond? At least give him a good pummelling! I became addicted to VH1's Celebrity Fit Club when Chastity Bono appeared a few seasons back. And while I initially thought the whole thing was humiliating for all concerned -- even those of us watching it -- I always manage to find someone to root for. (This year we love Da Brat -- we were in Glitter together! -- and admire Marcia Brady aka Maureen "Mo" McCormick for all she's had to go through! And how she's managed to lose all that weight! GO MO!!!!)

It's obvious that each year the producers insist on hiring one completely unrecovered idiot/trouble maker/drama queen (Jeff Conway's run-in with Dr. Drew was one of our favorite CFC moments). But this Dustin/Screech character is quite beyond hope! Don't we all want to KILL HIM???

Maybe some of the other celebrity fit clubbers should club him to death with that alleged Dirk Diggler dick he allegedly possesses? What will happen on the finale? Tune in next Sunday for the nail-biting conclusion! Maybe Journey will be playing!

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