Florida Is Becoming A "Zombie State" + A $666 Burger = Eight Items Or Less

1. James Franco has an awful lot of things to say about Girls such as "my first suggestion to Hannah would be this: get a fucking job." [via Huffington Post]

2. Read about this $666 burger, branded with a pentagram. [via Laughing Squid/photo via Mackenzie Keegan]

3. How do you feel about the fact that P. Diddy's (who's worth $500 million) son just got an athletic scholarship to UCLA? [via Buzzfeed]

4. Conspiracy theorists (or, okay, bloggers) are dubbing Florida as the first "zombie state" given a spate of gruesome incidents recently. [via World's Best Ever]

5. A Kosher fro-yo place is coming soon to Bed Stuy. [via Brownstoner]

6. We're undecided if this is awesome or overly precocious but in any event, here's two "mini hipster" sisters -- named Lennon and Maisy -- covering Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend."  They can sing, we'll grant them that. [via Death + Taxes]

7. Here's a look at Marc Jacob's Fall 2012 ad campaign shot by Juergen Teller and featuring those massive furry hats seen on the runway.  Would you wear that hat to the beach like the models did? [via Fashionista]

8. Speaking of the beach, there's a new bus that takes NYCers straight to Rockaway Beach and -- guess what? -- the introductory fare is $1.  That means you can have a stress-free travel experience as you head to the Boardwalkin' Beach Party. Woohoo! [via Rockabus]

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