Florence + the Machine Shake It Out at the Boom Boom Room

Alex Chapman

Socialites, celebrities and guests of guests gathered in the Standard Hotel's ever-elegent Boom Boom Room last night to catch a glimpse of Florence + The Machine, who performed a short-but-stirring acoustic set in honor of their leading lady landing on Interview magazine's latest cover. Florence's pitch-perfect pipes allowed no question of her remarkable talent, the singer blazing through a handful of hits while backed only by a harpist and acoustic guitar --  a musical mishmash that made songs like "Cosmic Love" sound saintly.

A cheery Florence lifted her champagne glass to the fervent crowd before closing with the group's newest hit, "Shake It Out." The singer's vocals floated on one seemingly unreachable note to the next in an effortless stride that could only reap boisterous applause from the party's patrons.

The faultless, jovial recital seemed to put the crowd in high spirits -- the Brant brothers frolicked through Boom Boom Room alongside Michelle Harper (who kept up with the duo quite well), Florence joined Blake Lively for a Belvedere cocktail in the coveted VIP area, and Emma Roberts gladly posed for pics with Hudson Jeans CEO Peter Kim and chatted with JustJared's Jared Eng.

Toward the end of the night, we noticed some late-night stragglers come in -- Kanye West and Ricardo Tisci had entered the stylish space, and were quickly flanked by flashbulbs and fans. West, who seemed to have missed Flo's performance completely, spent about as much time at the event as he did at Occupy Wall Street, before slipping out the venue's golden door and down the elevators from whence he came.

"He never stays anywhere," we heard one guest whisper.

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