Flashback Friday: Mark Ronson and Sean Lennon's High School Band, Whole Earth Mamas

So while procrastinating on the Internet last night, we fell into a deep, dark Internet K-hole, which involved Google-Image-searching "Whole Earth Mamas," Mark Ronson's high school band (which he talked to us about in our 2008 cover story on him). The search led us to the amazing photo above, which features Sean Lennon in the background on the guitar, Mark in the front wearing a hoodie, and someone named Sean Zanni next to him (who we discovered once dated Liv Tyler -- we told you, we were in an Internet K-hole!!). We love everything about this photo, especially Mark's side-part/bowl cut and his necklace/hooded long-sleeved T-shirt combo! Fun fact: Mr. Mickey was at the Whole Earth Mamas' second gig ever, which took place at a backyard Earth Day BBQ.

We leave you with a great story that Mark told us about the band, from the aforementioned cover story:

"We were into, like, Living Colour and the Black Crowes, shit like that," he says. "We were really bad." The pinnacle of the band's career was playing an anti-fur rally in Columbus Circle. "It was an all-female lineup and they assumed because we were called the Whole Earth Mamas, we were an all-girl band. And then my dad shows up. He's visiting from London and wearing a ski parka with a fur collar and people sort of start hissing and he's like, 'What, what, you want some?'"

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