Five Reasons to Hit Up New Williamsburg Cocktail/Seafood Joint, Extra Fancy

Leslie Pariseau

Despite the name, the handsome boys behind new Williamsburg seafood and cocktails spot Extra Fancy aren't wearing bow ties or suspenders or shiny shoes. They're just kicking ass making good drinks, pouring rad beers and endearing themselves to the neighborhood. It's a quiet spot now, but once people figure out it's there, it's sure to be overrun with pretty hipsters, cocktail fiends, and late night degenerates looking for something fried (fancily, of course).

1. Oysters and Champagne. A lovely little list of pours, including a Cremant de Jura Rose and a stellar Domaine Tissot, goes well with the super fresh selection of mollusks. And the oysters come over ice inside another GIANT oyster. 

2. Summer cider. It's really not just for fall, especially when paired with beach grub like fried clams and a plate of fish funnel cake. That's right, fancy-ass fair food. Go for the Newtown Pippin from Original Sin if you want a fresh, crisp bite of beach breeze, and the Dooryard Cider from Farnum Hill if you're looking for funky lumberjacky flannel. 

3. A barrage of beers. A list of ten cans, fifteen bottles, and nine drafts round out the yeast and malt section quite nicely. From cheap-ass to fancy pants, Narragansett to Allagash Black, the beers will satisfy grumpy punk and Manhattanite palates alike,. 

4. The new drink of summer, the Ray Ray. A twist on the Pimm's Cup, this tall glass of Plymouth Gin, Pimm's #1, Cei-ray Soda, lemon and herbs is like a one-two punch of summertime smelling salts. 

5. Late-night food. Show up before 11:30 right now and find an array of rolls (including crabs, clams, shrimp), salt cod pickled pepper poppers, and a whole Cape Cod clam bake on their late-night menu. Soon the menu will be extended until 3 AM, and Extra Fancy will be like a midnight clam shack for housed Williamsburgers

Extra Fancy
302 Metropolitan Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(347) 422-0939

Photo by Brian Quinn via GrubStreet

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