Fitz & the Tantrums Stop By Conan!

J. Everette Perry

Monday night, LA's own Fitz & the Tantrums lit up Conan O' Brien's Conan like a B-vitamin shot straight to the heart. As the cameras rolled, Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei jumped out her seat to dance and even Conan co-host Andy Richter started wiggling around. Frontman Michael Fitzpatrick shared the stage with a five-piece band and a dynamite diva co-lead singer named Noelle Scaggs. The band transforms any venue into a underground swing/soul club during the prohibition era, and, after being featured on KCRW and KROQ, O' Brien had to have them on. We caught up with Fitzpatrick after the performance to talk musical inspiration, hearing himself on the radio, and scoring a Bond movie.

You have such a unique sound. What do you think inspires your music?
Old records, vintage Vogue and 60's French cinema.

How do you describe your sound?
People have labeled us soul and indie-pop, and I ain't mad at that. I guess that kinda captures what we do.

Who are some of your favorite bands?
Old? Otis Redding. New? DeerHunter/ Major Lazor

What was it like hearing yourself on the radio for the first time?
Surreal and pretty exciting. Friends kept calling me to tell me it was on and I would run to the radio and everytime would get there too late. I was finally driving one day the song came on and I said to my self "I know this song..where do I know it from? Wait, that's us!!"

What's your favorite song you sing?
"Don't Gotta Work it Out"

What was it like meeting Conan?
You finish playing on the show and then all of a sudden here comes Conan to say hello.  What a trip.  I'm pretty tall but he's got me beat! Hhe was very nice and had nice things to say about our music so that was pretty cool.

If you could tour with any band which band would it be?
Cee-Lo for sure. I love his singing!

You guys always look so sharp, who do you think is a style icon?
Bowie, Bowie Bowie

If you were to do a title song for a movie, what type of film would it be and who would be in the lead role?
James Bond, starring a '60s Sean Connery!

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