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Lindsay Lohan Reveals Method Acting during Mean Girls

via InstagramIn a delightfully nostalgic interview with EW, the cast of Mean Girls reunite to dish about October 3rd and wearing pink on Wednesdays. Writer and star, Tina Fey recalls the time that a "17-year-old… Read Full Story
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5 November Films That You Don't Want to Miss

The Imitation GameWe've all seen how great Bendedict Cumberbatch is at playing eccentric, brilliant, difficult, oddballs (Sherlock). That's why he fits perfectly into this true life story of Alan Turing, a brainy mathematician who, during… Read Full Story
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Watch Chris Rock Play A Washed Up Comedian in the Top Five Trailer

Top Five, which was picked up by Paramount Pictures for $12.5M after its fantastic showing at the Toronto Film Festival, is taking on the nature of celebrity and reality TV. In the film, Chris… Read Full Story
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Ezra Miller to be the First Out LGBTQ Superhero in a Major Film

Ezra Miller is set to go from a quiet wallflower to a blockbuster superhero. Our former cover star will play The Flash in Warner Bros.' film adaptation of the DC comic in 2018. His… Read Full Story
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Ten Young Actors About to Blow Up

With the New York Film Festival coming to a close and awards season speculation beginning to rev up, we're focusing our attention on a group of up-and-coming actors, some already more familiar than others, who've… Read Full Story
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Six Must-See Movies In October

Force MajeureSupernaturally good film about a Swedish family on a ski vacation in the French Alps who experience an avalanche while sitting having lunch. What happens during those frightening few moments erodes the parents' marriage… Read Full Story
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Watch Bill Murray Sing Bob Dylan's "Shelter From The Storm"

In addition to sneaking his way into Swedish academic papers, Bob Dylan has also stolen a scene in Bill Murray's upcoming film St. Vincent. For St. Vincent, which premiered on the actor's designated day… Read Full Story
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Here's What Really Happens During Movie Sex Scenes

As you may have suspected, filming a sex scene is an awkward and completely non-sexy endeavor. In the behind-the-scenes clip from Stretch, above, Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson perfect their faux, hot and heavy… Read Full Story
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The 10 Films to See at the 52nd New York Film Festival

One of fall's great pleasures -- the exceptional New York film festival at Lincoln Center (September 26-October 12) -- continues with a wildly diverse mix of commercial and foreign fare. This year is one of… Read Full Story
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Melissa Auf der Maur's Film Festival Is Better Than Your Film Festival

Since 2008, former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist, Melissa Auf der Maur, has been living in Hudson, New York with her husband, filmmaker Tony Stone. In 2010, the couple bought Basilica Hudson, a 19th… Read Full Story
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The 10 Most Exciting Film Premieres at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

With over 300 films the Toronto International Film Festival is perhaps the best annual survey of contemporary cinema that currently exists (which might be troubling since it included at least two films where dogs… Read Full Story
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Born to Fly: Director Catherine Gund On Her New Documentary About the Life and Work of Elizabeth Streb

Catherine Gund. Photo courtesy of Aubin Pictures.Director Catherine Gund and choreographer/performer Elizabeth Streb were destined to work together. Gund was still a student when they first met while Streb was a visiting professor and… Read Full Story

Pedro Almodovar: El Rey Del Camp

In post-Franco Spain, Pedro Almodovar was a wild and rebellious voice. His radical films created a sensation with the underground kids who adored his sexy, rich, colorful, campy and sometimes surreal movies focusing on religion,… Read Full Story

John Waters: Trash Talker

A living legend ever since the coprophagic climax of his filmic masterpiece Pink Flamingos shocked the world in 1972, John Waters has long brought bad taste to Main Street. Not only has he become a… Read Full Story

Jeremy Scott: Designing with a Fire Inside

For the past 15 years, fashion designer Jeremy Scott has fought tooth and nail to ensure that his unique aggro-street-pop-bling vision made it out into the world. Initially his love of music and its stars… Read Full Story

Larry Clark: No Filter

With his era-defining 1995 movie Kids, photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark gave mainstream America a shockingly unfiltered look at youth, sex and drugs -- instantly making pretty much every other teen movie look like… Read Full Story
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Musician Willis Earl Beal on His New Film Memphis, Kanye West, and Defying Expectations

Photo by Chris Dapkins Willis Earl Beal -- the star of Tim Sutton's sophomore film Memphis, which premieres tonight at IFC Center -- was sipping tea and reading a positive review of the film in… Read Full Story

"It Would Be Nice to be Remembered as an Icon:" Our 2010 Interview with Joan Rivers

In honor of Joan Rivers' passing today at the age of 81, we re-visit our interview with the comedic trailblazer about the 2010 documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Below, Rivers tells us about… Read Full Story
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Juliette Lewis Channels Her Inner Riot Grrrl for Kelly & Cal

(Photo by Billy Farrell / Lewis is holed up in her car in a Wilmington, North Carolina Whole Foods parking lot. It's around 100 degrees outside by her own estimation and she's got the… Read Full Story
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Six Movies Not To Miss In September

Love Is StrangeA tender portrait of two aging lovers, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina), who finally decide to marry after 39 years together. Unfortunately it results in George losing his job as a… Read Full Story