Watch Iris Apfel Flirt With Kanye West In This Exclusive New Clip from "Iris"

93-year-old fashion iconoclast Iris Apfel is the subject of a fantastic upcoming documentary by the legendary late filmmaker Albert Maysles, and Paper is excited to premiere this exclusive new clip from the film. Here… Read Full Story

The 10 Best Brain-Scarring Sex Scenes In Movie History

The late great exploitation produce Dave Friedman said it best: "After Mr. Edison made those tin-types gallop, it wasn't but two days later that some enterprising guy had his girlfriend take her clothes off (for… Read Full Story
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Here's Cara Delevingne in the New "Paper Towns" Trailer

Cara Delevingne clearly lives on the edge -- anyone who tries to pull out Naomi Campbell's weave does it knowing they might be dissolved from this earth -- and that wildness is echoed in… Read Full Story
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There's an Amy Winehouse Documentary on the Way

A new documentary on the rocky life of Amy Winehouse is in the works. Directed by British filmmaker Asif Kapadia, Amy will be released in the UK on July 7th and, fingers crossed, will get a… Read Full Story
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Three Movies to See at New Directors/New Films Festival

A great treat this time of year is the Museum Of Modern Art and the Film Society Of Lincoln Center's expansive film festival featuring daring new films. This year is no exception and here are… Read Full Story
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John Waters on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Is Amazing

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, a pre-Cribs, celebrities-at-home series which aired from 1985 to 1994, was about as garish and camp as you could get. John Waters, therefore, was a shoo-in for a… Read Full Story
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Watch the Delightful New Trailer For Iris Apfel Doc, Iris

In a 2011 interview Paper did with director Albert Maysles, who passed away last week at the age of 88, the documentary filmmaker behind seminal cinema verite works including Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter… Read Full Story
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Emoji Sirens: A Rihanna Documentary is Coming

Photo via Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.comOur foremost bad gal is finally getting the royal documentary treatment she deserves. Deadline reports that filmmaker Peter Berg will produce a feature length documentary that focuses on Rihanna's ascent from milquetoast… Read Full Story
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Damian Szifron on God, Violence and His Batshit Masterpiece Wild Tales

If there were an Oscar for Most Cathartic Motion Picture, Damián Szifrón's Wild Tales, whose six vignettes have induced cringing, choked laughing and, on the festival circuit last year, rapturous closing-credits cheering, would win fists-down.… Read Full Story
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Genesis P-Orridge Is Preaching the Gospel of Voodoo

Still from Bight of the Twin.When we think of Voodoo, pin-pricked dolls and face-painted men in top hats shaking a stick might come to mind. But now, thanks to an unlikely disciple, the truth about… Read Full Story
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Albert Maysles On His New Projects, Making His "Dream Movie" and Grey Gardens


Photo by Paul Porter/BFAnyc.com3/6/15: We at Paper were saddened to hear of the death of pioneering documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles today. In celebration of his life and work, which included the seminal Grey Gardens, we're… Read Full Story
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6 Must-See Films This Month

From survivalist thrillers to eye-opening documentaries, see what six movies made our list of the most essential films this month.The Hunting GroundThis infuriating, terrific documentary by Kirby Dick exposes the shameful treatment of victims of… Read Full Story
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"Everyone Has These Primal Desires:" A Chat With the Organizer of the NYC Porn Film Festival

Porn: everyone watches it, but no one wants to talk about it. It was with this basic premise in mind that UK-born, Brooklyn-based artist Simon Leahy put together New York's first-ever pornographic film festival, which… Read Full Story
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The Pee-Wee Herman / Judd Apatow Movie is Finally Happening

Photography by Autumn de Wilde, from our October 2010 cover storyA new Pee-Wee movie. Produced by Judd Apatow. Premiering on Netflix. If this combination doesn't appeal to you... well, what else don't you like? Sunshine?… Read Full Story

Give Alejandro Jodorowsky Real Money and He Will Give You Fake Money and a New Film

Alejandro Jodorowsky, the man behind the psychedelic classic The Holy Mountain is back again, this time seeking funds for a new movie on kickstarter. "I make a film when I have something I need… Read Full Story
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Designer Tom Ford Announces His Second Feature Film

Tom Ford is a busy man. When the designer's not dressing or writing love letters to Rihanna, you might remember that he also writes and directs films with equal excellence. Now Ford is finally following… Read Full Story
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Kathleen Hanna Is the Voice of an Alien Puppet in a New Short Film

Kahleen Hanna can now add "actress" to an already fearless resume that includes fronting seminal feminist punk band Bikini Kill as well as Le Tigre and the Julie Ruin. Hanna lends her distinct voice… Read Full Story
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UPDATED: Miley Cyrus' Short Film, "Tongue Tied," Is Coming to the NYC Porn Film Festival

UPDATE: A representative for Miley Cyrus told Buzzfeed News: "Miley was proud to make a film with acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Jones. Neither she nor Quentin are participating in this 'festival' in any way." The festival's… Read Full Story
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AHHHHHHHHHH: The Magic Mike XXL Trailer Is Here

Seeing the midnight premiere of Magic Mike three years ago in a packed East Village theater was one of the funnest movie experiences I've ever had. When Matthew McConaughey delivered his "looks like we've… Read Full Story
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A Slew of New Films Are Putting a Fresh Spin On the "New York Story"

New York City has had a long history of providing the backdrop for cutting-edge cinema, but several films at this year's Sundance Film Festival managed to put a fresh spin on the 'New York Story.'… Read Full Story