Feverishly Lurid Kongo On Warner Archive DVD

Out now on Warner Brothers DVD-on demand line is the feverishly lurid 1932 pre-code film Kongo (Warner Archive). Made at MGM studio only eight months after Tod Browning's Freaks, this equally bizarre film stars the great Walter Huston as Flint, the scar-faced wheelchair bound tyrant in Africa ruling the natives with cheap magic tricks and fear of the "boom stick" (a/k/a gun). Hell-bent on revenge for 'the man who sneered," he awaits the fiend who crippled him with a secret plan. Around him is his sexy assistant (Lupe Velez), an addicted doctor (Conrad Nagel) and a poor woman he has abducted from a convent and systematically tortured and debased (Virginia Bruce). Brimming with sadism, sexuality, drug addiction, this remake of Lon Chaney's silent film West Of Zanzibar is a demented treat that few know about. Also on the DVD is the added feature- Untamed Africa, a 1933 jungle "documentary" starring the Hubbard family who encounter crocodiles, hyenas, lions and grass fires while on safari.

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