Fear Not, Paz De La Huerta Will Return For Boardwalk Empire Season 2

Elizabeth Thompson

Boardwalk Empire fans here at Papermag HQ got a little nervous when we realized Paz De La Huerta, whose nasally North-Atlantic-meets-Betty-Boop twang is one of our favorite parts of the prohibition-era crime drama, wasn't in the trailer for the show's second season (Then again, De la Huerta's floozy character Lucy drops her "Rs" as often as she does her clothing. Perhaps she's not in the trailer because she's mostly naked when she's elongating her "Os" and adding "ers" to the end of words?). But fear not, Paz fans, because the actress's rep tells us that she is "certainly" coming back for the second season and that the vampy bombshell has a "great story line." It better be great! Last we left off, that one thing had happened between Lucy and that one other person and gahhh -- we can't wait for this show to come back.

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