Fatima Al Qadiri Drops a Sinister-Sounding Rendition of "Star-Spangled Banner"

by Lara Casselman
Kuwaiti-Brooklynite electro-goth musician Fatima Al Qadiri doesn't "release music." Heavenly Gregorian choirs equipped with synthesizers send her tracks down to Brooklyn from the clouds. Her dark rendition of "Star-Spangled Banner" (called "Star-Spangled" here) sounds more like the patriotic anthem of a martian underworld than that of America, though you can still tease out the skeleton of the original. It's the ideal track to take your 4th of July party to a darker realm -- or to melt into while hiding from the fireworks in solitary cyberspace. Stream the track below and read our 2012 interview with Fatima Al Qadiri here.

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