Fantasia On Disney Blu-ray and DVD

Out this week om Blu-ray and DVD is Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 (Disney), a fabulous four-disc Blu-ray and DVD combo including Walt Disney's amazing 1940 animation spectacular and its 2000 reboot.

The original award-winning Fantasia was basically conductor Leopold Stokowski conducting different pieces of music brought to life by Disney animators. The Sorcerer's Apprentice is the famous one with Mickey Mouse causing mischief with a wizard's hat. There's alsoThe Rite Of Spring, Dance Of the Hours and Night On Bald Mountain. Dancing mushrooms, hippos in tutus, flying horses -- the whole thing is a great hallucinogenic experience. The 2000 re-issue includes the Mickey Mouse segment and other new pieces introduced by Angela Lansbury, Steve Martin and others. But this disc also includes the incredible short Destino, which began as a collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney in 1945 and was finally completed in 2003. It's just glorious.

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